• Midland Community Center ballet instructor Angie Aguilera demonstrates third position to Evee Forkel, 5, of Midland, Audrey Beasley, 3, of Midland, Alyra Dehring, 4, of Beaverton, Alita Dehring, 3, of Beaverton, Hannah Vogel, 5, of Midland and Kaitlyn Vogel, 3, of Midland Tuesday evening. Aguilera studied ballet for nine years and teaches two classes at the center.
    From left: 9-year-old Ian Arnold and 9-year-old Brandon Christenson both of Midland pull themselves up on ropes to climb the oak tree in Whiting Forest while Dow Gardens arborist Ray Jennings talks to Josh Kline, 12, of Midland about how to descend using the rope Thursday morning. This is the first year that Dow Gardens is offering a recreational tree climbing class. Climbers are belted into a harness and use a rope and pulley system to shimmy their way up the tree. "Mike Whiting wanted to see kids up in the trees," Jennings said. "because that's what he and his brother did growing up so he helped get this program started."
    Georgia NAACP president Francys Johnson, second from the right, leads clergy members and civic officials in a prayer at 2nd St. John Missionary Baptist Church the day after a Savannah-Chatham Metro police officer shot and killed 29-year-old Charles Smith.
    Tom Harris of Edwardsburg walks down the midway back to the game booth, Shooting Stars, he works at during the Midland County Fair. This is Harris's first time working at the Midland County Fair.
    Eleven-year-old Brianna Quarterman and Kendrick Johnson, 10, practice dribbling between their legs with help from Larry 'Gator' Rivers at the Tompkins Community Center after school August 13. "I usually come to the center right after school," Quarterman said. "And stay until my parents are home."
    Erin Higginbotham, right, of Huntsville, Ala. helps 16-year-old Kenny Murphy of Nashville, Tenn., left, with the last steps of the Highland reel before competing in the Highland Dancing Southern Regional Championship during the 38th Annual Savannah Scottish Games at Bethesda Academy May 10.
    From left: Adam Zinger of Evart comforts Jaidee Rodewig, of Coleman, center, and Melissa Harnick of Clare after they watched the motorcade carrying the body of Pvt. Robert Snear through Railway Road in Coleman Aug. 14, 2015. Rodewig and Harnick were raised with Snear.
    Eight-year-old Peyton Hickerson of Midland climbs into one of the four monster truck tires on display at the Midland County Fairgrounds Tuesday evening.
    Alina Boksha, 6, of Midland snaps a photo of parakeets flocking around Christy Grumelot of Midland as she walks through the Animal Oasis's mobile bird exhibit on Saturday. Inside the the exhibit there are over 350 parakeets, that visitors can feed and hold. Brittany Manor Nursing Home in Midland played host birds, camels, goats, and sheep for it's residents, staff, and families.
    Midland County Fair queen, Sara Reisinger, 18, of Freeland, watches friends Chris Compton of Freeland toss Jessica Craig of Midland to John Bergtold of Midland catches during the rodeo's intermission Wednesday evening. "My favorite part of the fair is that even if I haven't seen someone since last years' fair, we always pick-up right where we left off." said Reisinger.
    Don Smith of Saginaw practices for his rendition of "Suspicious Minds" for the Saginaw King Fest at the Temple Theatre. Smith, a long time Elvis fan, will be competing for the first time in an Elvis impersonation contest and is spending 2-3 hours singing in his basement every weekend to prepare for the competition. "I don't care whether I win or lose," said Smith "I just do it for fun and because I've always had a love for Elvis and his music."