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  • Alivia Brooks, 8, of Coleman looks at her lambs in the back of Rodney Steele's trailer April 23. This is Alivia's first year raising animals to show through the Coleman 4-H group. Alivia picked out an ewe (female sheep) and a wether (castrated male) to show at the Midland County Fair.

    After eating breakfast Alivia Brooks sits in the lambs pen in the lean-to her parents constructed to shelter the lambs. When Alivia first got the lambs she sat in the pen with them so they would become familiar with her. "The lambs are not that different from dogs." Angela said. "They recognize you, they like to be pet or have their ears scratched and respond to their owners much in the same way a family dog does."
    From left: Jayson Brooks and Alivia Brooks watch their mother Angela hold Buttercup still so Trish Steele can clip their hooves.
    Angela Brooks, left, holds the hose out for her son Jayson, left, and Alivia Brooks to take a drink out of after filling the water bucket for the lambs.
    Alivia Brooks thinks of answer to her grandmother's question about lamb anatomy while eating breakfast. When showing her lambs, the judge will ask questions about the lamb's breed, what they eat and what the shower could do to improve the condition of their lamb.
    Angela Brooks, left, and Alivia Brooks run with lambs, Buttercup and Wesley, on the Brook's front yard. Angela and Alivia walked the lambs twice a day to keep them lean for when they're shown at the Midland County Fair.
    Alivia Brooks wipes away hay off of Buttercup's (muzzle) while sitting with her lambs after eating breakfast.
    Alivia carries out the lambs water bucket to clean it and fill with fresh water. Part of Alivia's chores now include feeding and watering the lambs as well as walking them twice a day.
    Alivia reaches down to set-up up Buttercup's legs in the correct position while practicing bracing and showing in her backyard.
    Alivia Brooks and Angela hold Wesley steady while Trish Steele shears him at the Midland County Fairgrounds before Alivia shows him.
    Helen helps Alivia Brooks adjust her belt while Angela does her hair before walking over to the showman arena at the Midland County Fair on August 17.
    Alivia sets up Buttercup, along with the rest of the children in her class, while the judge compares the different lambs in showmanship. Alivia placed second with Buttercup in showmanship. "I very very pleased with her placing second in showmanship," Angela said. "It demonstrated her dedication, patience and knowledge of how to interact with her lamb. She worked her butt off."
    Alivia places her plastic sheep figurine inside a pen while playing outside of friend's camper the day all 4-H animal showing ended.