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  • Julia Bothun, 17, of Maple Lake, Minnesota applies baby powder to her face after applying make-up to turn herself into, Cherry Mooseburger, a clown to in The Culpepper & Merriweather Circus Saturday afternoon. "Clowns know their faces inside and out," said Bothun "we know our structure and where the muscles, so when we apply our make-up, it just enhances our expression."
    Manuela Hooper of Fort Stewart checks her hair and make-up before competing in women's open figure category in the 14th Annual Southern Isles Bodybuilding at the Savannah Civic Center June 28, 2014. Hooper used to compete in women's body building but wanted her body to look more feminine. "It's a total transformation to go from such a high muscle mass," Hooper said. "I not only had to cut back on how much weight I was lifting but I had to change what I was eating."