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    Midland Public Schools bus driver Dana Hahn runs through her checklist to prepare for her morning bus route. Hahn started working for the Midland Public Schools as a part time bus driver 34 years ago.
    From left: Midland Public Schools bus driver Dana Hahn waves to kindergartner Laylah Sherman, fifth-grader Arianna Ruiz and second-grader Zahavah Sian on March 19. The three girls are Hahn's first elementary school pick-up. "Arianna greets me each morning with a smile and a wave," Hahn said. "We are the first person they see outside of their house; I want them to feel welcomed and to let them know I care."
    Midland Public Schools bus driver Dana Hahn drives along North Waldo Road past farms in Mills Township during her morning bus route. Hahn drives approximately 150 miles each day going to pick-up students who live near the Bay and Gladwin County lines.
    Fifth-grader Gavin Burns takes a photo of Dana Hahn before he exits the bus to go home for the afternoon. "I laugh every day," Hahn said. "Every day is a new experience and if I've got the time I like to have fun with my kids."
    Midland Public Schools mechanic Logan Tickle, left, talks with bus driver Dana Hahn about the chip in the windshield of Hahn's bus. "Before I leave in the morning there's a check list we go through to make sure the bus is safe." Hahn said. "I feel a huge responsibility transporting my kids; safety is my number one concern."
    Dana Hahn drives through Midland to pick-up students at Midland High School to take them home. Hahn has one of the longest bus routes in the district, driving more than 150 miles each day.
    Midland High School senior Mariaha Riley applies make-up on her way to school. "The school bus is a relaxing time for the kids," Hahn said. "There's no pressure, it's their mingle hour or time to do their own thing in those few minutes or so before school."
    Midland Public Schools bus driver Dana Hahn picks-up students along Baker Road in Mills Township during her morning bus route.
    Dana Hahn closes the doors to her bus after finishing her morning bus route. "Retirement is not in my vocabulary," Hahn said. "I love my job and I love having something to do."